IMDA and AI Verify Foundation finalise Governance Framework for Generative AI and launch Project Moonshot

On 30 May 2024, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (“IMDA”) and AI Verify Foundation (“AVF”) finalised the Model AI Governance Framework for Generative AI in Singapore. On 31 May 2024, IMDA and AVF launched Project Moonshot, an open-source Large Language Models (“LLM”) evaluation toolkit to allow businesses to assess their AI applications in terms of performance and safety. This legal update outlines the key changes made to the finalised Model AI Governance Framework and provides an overview of Project Moonshot.

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Pioneering AI Governance: A First Look into the Landmark EU AI Act

On 13 March 2024, the European Parliament approved the Artificial Intelligence Act, the world’s first comprehensive legislation specifically designed to regulate artificial intelligence systems. This legal note offers an overview of the obligations introduced by the Act and outlines the preparatory steps that Singapore-based businesses and organisations deploying AI systems in the European Union should consider. The Act is expected to commence in the second or third quarter of 2024.

Pioneering AI Governance: A First Look into the Landmark EU AI […]

Overview of PDPC’s Advisory Guidelines on the Use of Personal Data in AI Systems

On 1 March 2024, the Personal Data Protection Commission released a new set of advisory guidelines to provide businesses with, among others, more clarity on the use of personal data to train or develop artificial intelligence (“AI“) systems, as well as data protection best practices for businesses implementing AI.

We provide a summary and brief commentary of the Guidelines here:

Legal Update: An overview of the NEW PDPC Advisory Guidelines on the use of Personal Data in AI Systems