One of the best ways to find out more about Lee & Lee is to have an internship with us and experience first-hand the work that we do and our working culture. A significant number of our Interns do find our firm attractive in that they apply to us for a Training/Pupillage position. Most of our present Trainees/Pupils have interned with us.

We normally accept students in their 2nd year for a period of 2 to 4 weeks, and we pay them an allowance of S$100 per week.

An Intern will be assigned to a lawyer from a department of his or her choice who will act as his or her mentor. He or she will follow the lawyer to client meetings and/or to Court hearings. He or she will have to do work such as legal research, reviewing documents, taking minutes, and preparing letters, Court documents and/or contracts.

An Intern will also be asked to prepare a legal opinion based on facts similar to that of a real case, and may have to give a short presentation on the opinion.

An Intern who performs well will be given priority over other students when he or she applies for a Training position. An Intern who performs exceptionally well will be offered a Training position at the conclusion of his or her internship.

If you are interested in having an internship with us, please send your covering letter and CV to our Recruitment Partners, Matthew Saw and Julian Tay, at and respectively. Please state in your covering letter how long you wish to intern, the period(s) within which you are available, and which department(s) you are interested in.