Major Litigation Victory for Client

Our firm’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department achieved a major victory for our clients in the Singapore High Court after a lengthy trial which lasted about 30 days against 5 defendants represented by 3 sets of lawyers. Mr Quek Mong Hua, who heads the Department, led our team of lawyers to win a judgment for an amount together with interest and costs in excess of S$4 million.

The dispute traversed complex issues connected with a property investment scam and a fraudulent conveyance of property, as well as claims for restitution, fraud, deceit and professional negligence. The Court dealt extensively with complex evidence, the duty of care owed by the third party lawyers who were engaged by the fraudsters to handle the property transfer, as well as legal issues of causation, contributory negligence and the mitigation of damages. The Court considered the standard of care expected of solicitors in verifying the identity and instructions of their clients.

Please find our firm’s case update here.

The 160 page judgment of the Court is reported in Cristian Priwisata Yacob and another v Wibowo Boediono and another and another suit  [2017] SGHC 08